About AllWire Construction Solutions

            Allwire Construction Solutions provides telecommunication Cell Tower, Small Cell and Fiber and Cable construction and engineering services throughout the United States. Allwire is well positioned to support the rapidly growing telecommunications industry, playing an integral role in the marketplace. We provide a wide variety of services to the telecommunications industry, including Design, Project Management, Fiber Optic Placement, Splicing and Testing, Make-Ready, Aerial and Underground Construction, Fiber and Coax Splicing,  Pim Testing, Site Master Sweep and Node Certification, Emergency Response (24/7). Providing these services requires the highest level of industry knowledge and skill sets. We have demonstrated an ability to keep costs low for our clients through efficiently managing information and maintaining a productive work force. Our staff continues to develop construction services that demand state-of-the-art applications. It’s these applications and the innovative design of specialized tools and equipment that has made Allwire unique in the industry. Allwire is a proud member of NATE and is proud to have all crews trained, tested and certified by Safety LMS.

Products and Services
Fiber and Cable Construction
Underground Construction
Aerial Construction
Powering Installs/Upgrades
Long Haul Builds
Cell Tower Backhaul
Node Splits
Agile Maxx/FDH Upgrades
Small Cell Builds
MDU Construction/Rewires and Fiber to the Premise Installs

Our Customers
Spectrum ( formerly TWC / Charter Communications)
Xfinity / Comcast
Altice USA (formerly Cablevision and Sudden link)
State of Kentucky
Hargray Fiber
Hargray Communications
PS Lightwave
COX Cable
Nexius / Velex

Infinite Communications INC

Fiber Optic Construction
FTTX Design and Builds
Project Management
Aerial Fiber Construction
UG Fiber Construction
Fiber Blowing
Fiber Optic Electronics Installation
Micro duct/Micro trench Fiber Installation
Full Documentation and Matrix Engineering of Construction and Testing
Emergency Fiber Restoration
Fusion Splicing and Testing
Fiber Audits
Cell Tower Back Haul Construction
Fiber Pathing and Testing
Commercial Fiber Build and Installation

Underground Construction:
Underground Fiber and Cable Construction
Directional Drilling
Coax Splicing
Coax Activation
Copper Splicing
System Electronics Upgrade
System Setup
System Proof of Performance
Full or Partial Turnkey
Project Management
Inventory Management
Emergency Fiber Restoration
Power Supply Install/Upgrades

Aerial Construction:
Aerial Fiber and Coax Construction
Coax Splicing
Coax Activation
Sweep and Balance
Span Replacements
Node Splits
Pole Transfers
Make Ready
Noise Mitigation
CLI Ride-out
Power Supply Install/Upgrades

Wireless Services
•Architectural & Engineering Services
•Technical Services
•Trouble Shooting, Testing and Maintenance

Wireless Installation
•Antenna and Lines, Installations and Optimization
•Troubleshooting and repair of antenna systems
•Transmission Line Support Structure Installation
•Transmission Line Installation
•Microwave Installation and Optimization
•Sweep Testing
•Lightning Protection System Installation
•Beacon/Strobe Lights Installation and Maintenance
•Small Cell Upgrades and Builds

Wireless Technical Services
•Preventative Maintenance
•Generator deployment and maintenance
•Battery installation
•Tower Top inspections and testing
•Feasibility assessment
•Asset Management
•Disaster Recovery
•COW / Generator Deployment
•Project Management

Wireless Site Construction Services
•Site Preparation, including Civil Construction
•Foundation & Caisson Design and Installation
•Tower Erection (Monopole, Self Support, and Guy Towers)
•Antenna & Line Installation
•Test and Turn up
•Sweep Testing
•Final Inspection, Cleaning and Closed Out.

Cable  and FTTH Residential and Commercial Installs:
Quad Play Installations ( Security, TV, Internet and Phone) for Residential Customers
Quad Play Installations ( Security, TV, Internet and Phone) for Commercial Customers
Wiring and Rewiring both Pre Construction and Post Construction Homes, Business and MDUs.
Aerial Drops
Underground Drops
Fiber Splicing for FTTH
Storm or Emergency Assistance and Support
Summer Rush Install or TC Assistance and Support

Our Mission:
We aim to be the business partner of choice for all of our clients by providing the highest quality of work, focused on customer satisfaction, doing the job right the first time, holding our teams accountable, and integrity within our company. Our goal is to remove any and all heartburn our customers may have, taking on any task or job they need completed regardless of how big or how small. We value and respect our employees and understand the value of a well trained, safety oriented work force.


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